Benefits of Duck Eggs

Benefits of Duck Eggs

Benefits of Duck Eggs The duck egg is a kind of egg with a shiny shell, weighing 60 – 70 grams, in shape of a long or oval shape. The eggs of the duck eggs, which are larger than the chicken eggs, can be yellow, brown, green and white. These shells are thin, but harder than the hen’s egg shell.

Eggs of all kinds of duck with different species can be obtained. However, the species known as verimli Indian Runner ”, Kag Khaki Campbell“ and Campbell Ruel Kagua. Among the duck species stand out with their efficient spawning capacity. Specifically known as Indian Runner, white and ash-colored species of the species are grown only to obtain eggs.

Benefits of Duck Eggs
Benefits of Duck Eggs

Where are duck eggs found?
Duck eggs are rare in big markets because there has not been produced in large plants and a particular brand in Turkey. Duck eggs produced in small farms in different parts of Anatolia can be obtained from organic markets and village markets. At the same time, these farms can be purchased with special orders from their websites.

What are the vitamins and minerals contained in the duck egg?
Duck eggs have all the nutrients needed by the human body just like chicken eggs. The duck eggs, which are rich in protein, lipid and carbohydrates, have high calories. It contains essential amino acids, which should be taken from outside of the human body. Duck eggs, which contain minerals such as magnesium, potassium and sodium, are an important source of nutrient deficiencies. It is not rich in vitamins but contains vitamins A and E.

How to consume duck eggs?
Duck eggs are eaten in water, such as chicken eggs and goose eggs, for breakfast. Eggs that are larger and darker than the yolk chicken eggs, butter or oil can be made with omelets. Vegetables such as green onions and parsley can be added to the omelet prepared with duck eggs.

What are the benefits of duck eggs?

  • Duck eggs are known to have an aphrodisiac effect.
  • Olive oil mixed or undercooked duck eggs sound.
  • Flush the black spots and freckles if the flux is applied to the face by mask.
  • It is thought to be good for eyesight when consumed regularly.