Benefits of Goose Eggs

Benefits of Goose Eggs

Benefits of Goose Eggs The goose egg is a large egg with a white cut tip, weighing between 70 and 110 grams, with a white or matt shell. Goose eggs, the largest egg among the birds that can be eaten, are three times the size of a chicken egg. The goose egg with the thick and hard crust is thick-skinned. It is divided into two by hitting hard or cutting with a knife.

Where is the goose egg sold?
The goose eggs sold in markets in European countries, easily available on the market as it has a certain production in Turkey. Goose eggs produced in small goose farms located in different regions of Anatolia are sold in the markets and local markets selling organic products in certain periods of the year. These farms can be imported from their websites via online orders or by phone.

Benefits of Goose Eggs
Benefits of Goose Eggs

What are the vitamins and minerals contained in the goose egg?
The goose egg is the only food that contains all the nutrients necessary for the human body, except the mother’s milk, such as duck eggs and chicken eggs. Protein contains minerals such as iron and phosphate. Egg, copper, magnesium, iodine, and manganese are found in the goose egg yolk potassium, sulfur, sodium, and chloride are found.

The goose egg is also an important source of iron because the iron in the egg yolk is absorbed directly by the body. Vitamin B vitamins, vitamins such as nicotinic and pantothenic acid in the goose egg, a small amount of vitamin A and K are also found. Goose egg, which is an important energy source, meets a significant part of the daily nitrogen need.

How to consume goose eggs? What are the tricks?
The goose egg is a kind of egg that is usually consumed plainly. Just like a duck egg, it can be consumed for breakfast. Omelet with butter or olive oil is also made. Green vegetables such as spinach or fresh onion can be placed in the goose egg omelet. But the goose egg is consumed by simply boiling or eating raw food rather than omelets. Since the goose egg is larger than chicken eggs, scalding time is higher.

What are the benefits of goose egg?

  • Goose egg is good for anemia and because it contains high energy, it is used against anemia due to anemia.
  • Goose egg makes digestion easier.
  • It meets the protein needed by growing children and supports growth.