Benefits of Ostrich Eggs

Benefits of Ostrich Eggs

Benefits of Ostrich Eggs Ostrich, a struthionidae family with long neck and legs, is a flightless bird species. In addition to the commercial use of flesh and feathers, ostrich eggs also have economic value. It is the ostrich which has the largest egg among the birds living on Earth. On average 1.5 kg. weight of ostrich eggs, 15 cm. height and 13 cm. has a width.

2 mm. the thickness of ostrich eggs used in the construction of shells, jewelry, and ornaments. In some societies, ostrich eggs may contain religious meanings. Ostrich eggs, in the market for cooking, spiders, production purposes and empty is offered for sale.

Benefits of Ostrich Eggs
Benefits of Ostrich Eggs

Ostrich egg usage areas
Chicken eggs can be made with all kinds of food that can be done with ostrich eggs. Since the past, ostrich eggs have been placed in unattainable high ceilings, preventing spiders from weaving. The ostrich eggshell, which is in a hard and solid structure, is used in the African community for making kitchen utensils such as storage containers, cups, and bowls. Today, jewelry and ornaments made with ostrich eggshells are very popular.

Nutritional value of ostrich eggs
The ostrich egg has the same calorie ratio as the chicken eggs by weight when calculated. Ostrich eggs with similar characteristics of chicken eggs in terms of protein and fat; It contains calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A and folic acid.

It was determined that ostrich eggs collected at the time of ovulation had lower cholesterol and unsaturated fat values.

How to eat an ostrich egg?
Ostrich eggs average 1.5 kg. It cannot be consumed in one time because it can have weight. In such cases, an ostrich egg pouring into a container with a lid is able to maintain its freshness in the refrigerator for up to 3-4 days. When stored in the refrigerator, it can be used in recipes with cups.

Ostrich eggs, which are suitable for consumption as breakfast, can be made with omelet and white omelet. As in chicken eggs, ostrich eggs are also used in desserts. Cakes made using ostrich eggs, desserts such as sponge cake, pastries such as pastry and pies are kept fresh for a long time. The usage of ostrich eggs, which are gradually increasing their usage in Turkish cuisine, can be used in the production of  juicy tomato meals (Turkish: Menemen),