Benefits of Partridge Eggs

Benefits of Partridge Eggs

Benefits of Partridge Eggs Partridge eggs in white, brown and cream colors are obtained from the partridge bird, which is famous for its flesh. Eggs having a mass and an oval structure are similar to chicken eggs. However, unlike chicken eggs, dark brown spots of different sizes can be seen on the partridge eggs.

Where is the eggplant sold? How are they stored?
Partridge egg is not a very expensive egg since it does not have a specific production technique and it is not easily found in markets such as chicken eggs. In small farms, individually produced partridge eggs can be obtained from village markets selling organic products such as duck eggs. Partridge eggs can be ordered by telephone from these farms that sell online.

 Benefits of Partridge Eggs
Benefits of Partridge Eggs

If you want to hide the partridge eggs must be kept in a cool environment. Particularly sensitive to high temperatures, the partridge egg deteriorates very quickly in wet environments. Therefore it must be stored in a dry environment in the refrigerator. Partridge egg taste and vitamins will lose rapidly because it should be consumed for a long time.

How to consume a partridge egg? What are the tricks?
Partridge eggs can be eaten and boiled like chicken eggs. Partridge egg made with vegetables and spices and omelets have a very sensitive structure and they lose their vitamins and minerals when they are over cooked. For this reason, it is recommended to eat without overcooking the partridge eggs should be consumed as raw or raw, rather than omelets.

Vitamins and minerals contained in eggplant
The high egg-like partridge eggs, such as goose eggs, have more vitamins and minerals than chicken eggs. It contains two times more protein than the other eggs and the eggplant has a high percentage of energy. Copper, magnesium and iodine are found in the egg of eggplant that has minerals such as phosphorus and iron. Partridge egg with vitamin B is also an important source of vitamin A.

What are the benefits of partridge eggs?

  • Raw partridge eggs as raw, softens the chest and cough is good.
  • It supports the development of children because it contains high protein levels.
  • The raw partridge egg that is consumed regularly opens the mind and is good for those who have difficulty speaking.