Differences Between Green Tea and Black Tea

Differences Between Green Tea and Black Tea

Differences Between Green Tea and Black Tea, On the one hand, the black tea, which has taken place in the headquarters of our lives for many years, on the other hand, has been growing in popularity in recent years, green tea for the purpose of healing Bir

“Shake everything, but the tea brew,” he began to tell the difference.

Green tea and black tea are the simplest examples of double twins. They are not different plants. They are even the same plants. The difference in the foundation is due to the operations of the leaves.

As a result of the fermentation, the black tea leaves the leaves of the cell due to the oxidation of the chemical substances. This change allows the black tea to become the same as before, including the aroma, smell and color.

The process of green tea leaves is different from black tea. While the black tea is slowly dried by reacting with the oxygen, the green tea is collected and dried without concentration. This process is prevented from reacting with oxygen.

Black tea and green tea in the ratio of caffeine in black tea is clear ahead. While 35-70 mg of caffeine in a large glass of green tea, there is 60-90 mg in black tea. This makes black tea one of the most stimulating beverages after coffee.

There is an overwhelming advantage of green tea in the ratio of the antioxidants they contain (the chemical that lowers the possibility of being the most simple cancer). When we look at the proportion of flavonoids contained in black and green tea, we see that one cup is 268 mg in black tea and one cup is 350 mg in green tea. This leads to the idea that green tea is healthier than black tea.

Although the opinions of the experts in the green tea in the place of changing green tea, black tea should not be consumed much of the difference in the “healing intention” of the difference between them is not so much.

Note: Black for your soul, green for your body.