Giant Water Drop Instead Of Plastic Bottle

Giant Water Drop Instead Of Plastic Bottle

Giant Water Drop Instead Of Plastic Bottle Today we see more plastic than our family, we touch more plastic than we touch our lovers/spouses. Unfortunately, the world’s most unpopular item is located in the middle of our plastic life table. Moreover, he needs 1000 years to get up from the table and to disappear in nature. 1000 years.

We all sincerely say I wish we had plastic (if not our food and drinks at all) but the plastic spoons were so hard if our source of life was not drinking water from the plastic.

The British industrial design students living in London will realize these wishes that we share with millions of people. They even did it. We expect him to come here.

The name of the design is Ooho. Inspired by molecular gastronomy. The design is enormous, cheap production can be solved in the soil and the part surrounding the chamber can also be eaten.

The design or idea of ​​the idea is a little familiar to those from the kitchen. The technique called spherification, although from the 1950s, is one of the cornerstones of molecular gastronomy. Let’s try to explain it in its simplest form: Liquid (orange juice, olive juice or water) in the calcium carbonate, calcium chloride, sodium alginate, such as chemicals ‘water’ solidification is left until the desired shape. (see: Introduction to Spherification) The water around the reservoir holds the water at the ice level.

Let’s hope that the mass production of this work is done and we start to consume it as soon as possible. Even if one of these places is inspired by the ‘giant water drop’ if we hear them, a company stands behind the project, life is a holiday.

Would not it be nice?

Giant Water Drop Instead Of Plastic Bottle