Three Material Cookie Recipe

Three Material Cookie Recipe

Three Material Cookie Recipe Easy cookie recipe with coconut, also known as the cocoa cookie recipe, is the taste and consistency of the shredded coconuts, which put the weight of the cookie dough (no matter how true it is in a recipe in this recipe). This cookie is egg whites, powdered sugar, and shredded coconut. It is important to carefully remove the egg whites, whisk them thoroughly with powdered sugar and lightly bake on low heat to darken them. Let’s go after the bakery. These tiny cookies, stone, also known as palace delights, stone brews, stone.

Those who try the recipe for a coconut cookie, which consists of only three ingredients, share their comments with us. Maybe you can add cocoa into it? Can’t we?

24 pieces

10 minutes

30 minutes

Ingredients for a Three-Material Cookie Recipe
4pcs egg whites
1 cup powdered sugar
1.5 cups of grated coconut

Tip of the Three-Material Cookie Recipe
The number of cookies you prepare may vary depending on their size. Take care to use large eggs. Reduce and increase the amount of powdered sugar you use according to your taste.

The Proposal to Cook a Three-Material Coconut Cookie Recipe
You can also shape cookies with an ice cream spoon.

How to Make a Coconut Cookie Recipe with Three Materials?
Carefully remove the egg whites you take into a glass mixing bowl.

Mix until you get a smooth consistency with the addition of powdered sugar.

Add the shredded coconut and stir until dark.

Heat a large pan with a non-flammable base on the hob. Bake the mixture of coconut and stir in low heat for 5 minutes.

When the eggs are lightly cooked and thickened, remove them from the oven. Leave on a separate edge to cool.

Cut out small pieces of cookie mortar that are ready. Roll and shape your palm. Place spaced apart into the baking tray with Silpat or greaseproof.

Bake in preheated 170 degrees oven for 20-25 minutes until lightly colored. Share it with your loved ones as warm or cold.

Service Proposal of Three-Material Coconut Cookie Recipe
You can also serve the cookies you receive on small paper molds after you have roasted them with chocolate sauce.