Turkish Stuffed Artichoke Recipe

Turkish Stuffed Artichoke Recipe

Turkish Stuffed Artichoke Recipe

He can be the fanciest artichoke in the world. A unique artichoke recipe with sautéed chard, feta cheese, kebab, nettle sauce, and a yogurt puller.

You can share with your guests the other Frankie recipes that we have acquired as well as the artichokes that are filled with a delicious taste with the nettle sauce, which is filled with a very delicious feast.

1 person

40 minutes

40 minutes

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Ingredients for Artichoke Recipe
1 small artichoke
30 grams of chard leaves
10 grams of dry onion
10 grams of olive oil
2 grams of salt

For sauce:
200-gram nettle leaf
100 ml.Sea juice1 / 2 teaspoon starch

For the above:
35 grams of white cheese
3 pieces of green olives
2 dried tomatoes
15 grams of oven baked shredded pastry with pistachio filling in thick syrup, angel’s hair dessert
5 grams of butter
1 gram sweet powder red pepper
1 gram of salt

Turkish Stuffed Artichoke Recipe
Turkish Stuffed Artichoke Recipe

Taste of Artichokes Recipe
Cook the artichoke in olive oil with other vegetables to taste. After taking the sauce out, use it to make the recipe.

How to make artichoke recipe filled with the sun?
Artichokes; baked with olive oil with the addition of dry onion, carrot, celery, lemon juice, flour, salt, and powdered sugar.

Finely chop the chard leaves. Sauté the onion in small cubes and fry in olive oil. Sauté the chopped chard with leaves and salt.

Pick the artichoke on a serving plate. Fill the pit with the sautéed plate.

Mix the sun-dried tomatoes and seedless green olives into tiny cubes and mix with white cheese. Place a round disc and place it on the market.

After blending with Kadayif butter, give a round shape and sprinkle with salt and sweet pepper red pepper.

Cook the artichokes on the cheese layer and bake the prepared artichoke until it is half-cooked in the preheated oven.

For the sauce; After cleaning the chopped nettle leaves with the addition of vegetable juice. Take the sauce you are sifting to the oven and fry with a small amount of starch.

Serve baked warm artichokes in a serving dish with the nettles and the mixed salad prepared with greens.